OPCA’s staff members are here to serve our community health centers!
Don’t know who to call? Review our Department Directory.

Department Directory

OPCA Staff in Alphabetical Order by Last Name:

Ashley Allison

Ashley Allison (she/her)
AETC Lead Training Coordinator

Rayna Appenzeller

Rayna Appenzeller (she/her)
AETC Practice Transformation Lead

Torie Baldwin

Torie Baldwin (she/her)
APCM Specialist

Kala Biittner

Kala Biittner (she/her)
Finance Senior Director

Marty Carty

Marty Carty (he/him)
Governmental Affairs Director

Rachel Boisselle

Rachel Boisselle (she/her)
Health Policy Analyst

Courtney Crosby

Courtney Crosby (she/her)
Executive Assistant

Roxana Carlos

Roxana Carlos (she/her)
Program & Operations Coordinator

Stephanie Castaño

Stephanie Castaño (she/her)
Program Director

Ada Catanzarite

Ada Catanzarite (they/them)
Quality Improvement Manager

John Duke

John Duke (he/him)
ONCHC Director

Talbot Eckweiler

Talbot Eckweiler (she/they)
Public Affairs & Communications Director

Jordan Frazier

Jordan Frazier (she/her)
Communications Manager

Rachel Greim

Rachel Greim (she/her)
AETC Equity Lead

Sonya Howk

Sonya Howk (she/her)
Sustainability Manager

Neelam Lal

Neelam Lal (she/her)
Workforce Manager

Brandon Lane

Brandon Lane (he/him)
Data Manager

Brooke Linn

Brooke Linn (she/her)
Program Senior Director

Thu Le

Thu Le (he/him)
Data Analyst II

Shalanna Morales

Shalanna Morales (she/her)
ONCHC Manager

Dayna Morrison

Dayna Morrison (she/her)
AETC Program Manager

Simon Parker-Shames

Simon Parker-Shames (he/him)
Data Strategy Director

Joanna Peterson

Joanna Peterson (she/her)
Program Manager


Dale Sattergren

Dale Sattergren (he/him)

Daniel Sobel

Daniel Sobel (she/her)
Policy & Regulatory Affairs Sr. Director

Cindy Tan

Cindy Tan (she/her)
Human Resources Sr. Manager

Robert Trachtenberg

Robert Trachtenberg (he/him)
Value-Based Pay Director

Claire Tranchese

Claire Tranchese (she/her)
Deputy Director

Malia Turina

Malia Turina
Events & Marketing Manager

Kim Vu

Kim Vu (she/her)
Accounting Manager

Joan Watson-Patko

Joan Watson-Patko (she/her)
Executive Director

Brighid Wilhite

Brighid Wilhite (she/her)
AETC Training Coordinator

Brecklynn Williams

Brecklynn Williams (she/her)
Operations Manager

Erin Woods

Erin Woods (she/her)
Policy & Data Coordinator


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