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    Last Update:    November 2, 2022


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State Government 

Midterm Election: The country is watching the midterm election to see which party controls the U.S. House and Senate, 46 state legislatures and 36 gubernatorial seats. At OPCA, we are keeping our eye on the national stage and what is happening right here in our state.

Oregonians are poised to send three new members to Congress – one of those will represent Oregon’s 6th Congressional District which was added as part of redistricting based on the 2020 census. In addition to those Oregon will have a new governor and more than half of our legislature will be new.

There’s a lot at stake on Election Day for FQHCs. As results come in and winners are determined we will be sure to keep you updated and encourage health centers to invite new lawmakers into your health center to learn about the critical role they play in the health care delivery system.

Your ballot must be postmarked or dropped in a ballot box on or before November 8

Federal Update 

Capitol Hill 

President Biden Signs MOBILE Health Care Act Into Law: On Monday, October 17, President Biden signed the MOBILE Health Care Act into law. OPCA applauds President Biden for signing the legislation, which will dramatically expand the ability of health centers to establish mobile clinics in rural areas. Currently, mobile units can only be considered for a New Access Point (NAP) grant if it is associated with the creation of a new brick-and-mortar site. The bill amends the NAP portion of Section 330 by allowing new mobile units to be eligible for NAP grants without needing to be tied to the establishment of a new permanent Section 330 site. However, only existing grantees can propose a mobile unit on its own. Therefore, a new health center will still have to build a permanent fixed site, which will be attached to the mobile unit. The MOBILE Health Care Act becomes effective on January 1, 2024.

October Recess: The House and the Senate are wrapping up another month-long break as we near Election Day. No significant activity is expected until after Election Day, November 8.

Advocacy Corner

Former Congressman Walden Highlights Oregon FQHCs at NACHC PCA/HCCN Conference

On November 13, former Congressman Greg Walden, who represented Oregon’s 2nd Congressional from 1999-2021, highlighted his collaborative work with Oregon’s FQHCs. In his address at the NACHC PCA/HCCN conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, he specifically elevated his partnerships with Enterprise-based clinic Winding Waters and their CEO Nic Powers, as well as La Clinica, based out of Medford. Congressman Walden reflected his appreciation for being able to work “hand-in-hand” with these and other clinics to pursue their shared goals around Community Health Center program funding, the Teaching Health Center program, the 340B Drug Pricing program, and many other advocacy areas.

The Congressman has clearly retained his experiences with FQHCs, carrying them forward into his current consulting work. OPCA is grateful for the commitment health centers have made to building relationships with legislators, like Congressman Walden, the impact of which goes far beyond a legislators time in office. Reach out to Marty Carty (), OPCA Government Affairs Director, if your health center is interested in engaging with elected officials via a site visit or other platforms!port.  


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