OPCA Annual Awards of Excellence: Lifetime Achievement Award

Barbara Broderick (she/her), School & Community Oral Health Program Supervisor, Multnomah County Community Health Center

Barbara Broderick has a longstanding career with Multnomah County Dental Program, starting as a Dental Assistant/Receptionist in 1988. Over the years, she progressed through various roles, including Lead Dental Assistant, Operations Supervisor, and Operations Administrator, showcasing her dedication and expertise. She has managed multiple dental clinics, supervised diverse teams, and contributed significantly to the program’s growth.

In 2008, Barbara took on a special project with the health center, focusing on decentralizing the Appointment Center/Front Office Redesign. Subsequently, she served as an Operations Supervisor with School and Community Oral Health Programs (SCOH), adapting to changes in the management team and successfully overseeing program operations.

In March 2011 Barbara assumed the role of Office Assistant Sr., supporting the SCOH Program Supervisor. Her responsibilities included administrative tasks, staff management, scheduling, data collection, and maintaining program policies and procedures.

In July 2020, Barbara accepted the School & Community Oral Health Program Supervisor role, continuing to supervise the program and manage tasks. Despite challenges, she has demonstrated resilience and effective leadership, ensuring the smooth operation of the program during these unprecedented times. Barb was crucial in developing dental access opportunities and support during COVID19, especially when school and academic organizations were closed to typical health screening activities. Since stepping into the Supervisor role, she has successfully expanded school access to sealants in over 92 locations.

Since taking on as SCOH supervisor, Barb has helped lead the charge on improving the efficiency of the SCOH program by an impressive 52% and has optimized her team’s staffing levels to appropriate levels of expertise, thereby ensuring everyone works to the top of their scope.

Barbara Broderick’s long-term commitment to community health is underscored by her impactful contributions in various capacities. One significant achievement is her instrumental role in fostering a culture of diversity and learning across the county, creating an environment that embraces and appreciates the unique backgrounds and needs of the community.

Barb’s extensive involvement in public and community health, particularly within Community Health Centers, stands out as a testament to her dedication. Through these roles, she has played a vital part in delivering essential care to individuals who might not otherwise have access to it. Her efforts have contributed to building trust among patients, ensuring that they receive reliable and compassionate services.

Barbara’s experience of engaging with individuals at different levels, both on the front line and in management, reflects her commitment to understanding and addressing the diverse needs of the community. Her work has not only been fulfilling but also rewarding, showcasing her ability to connect with people from all walks of life. Due to Barbara’s dedication to dental health for more than three decades, we estimate that she has helped more than 100K children receive free screening, sealants, and fluoride varnish.

Barbara Broderick’s long-term commitment and impact on community health are evident through her proactive efforts in promoting diversity, her crucial role in providing essential healthcare services, and her ability to build trust within the community. Her journey reflects a deep sense of fulfillment and gratitude for the meaningful roles she has played in advancing community health within the County.

Submission written by Adrienne Daniels, Strategy & Policy Director, Multnomah County Community Health Center