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Title:Nurse Practitioner
Company:Neighborhood Health Center
Description:Job Title: Family Nurse Practitioner
Department: Medical
Reports To: Chief Medical Officer - CMO
Work Type: On-Site
Classification: Exempt
Language Differential: Eligible


This position is responsible for providing primary care services, including assessing, diagnosing, prescribing, treating, and educating patients. Works closely with other medical and dental providers (nurse practitioner, physician, physician assistant, dentist, behaviorist, etc.), in a multidisciplinary care team approach to patient care. Neighborhood Health Center takes pride to be a Nurse Practitioner-friendly workplace, recognizing that nurse practitioners provide a unique perspective and skill set to the health care team.

Essential Job Duties

Conducts physicals examinations and/or mental health assessments to address preventive, acute and chronic healthcare needs of patients.
Performs, orders, and interprets diagnostic procedures and CLIA waived lab tests.
Develops and implements treatment plan by prescribing/dispensing medications and/or injections in compliance with guidelines and state laws.
Records findings and develops a plan of action based on the patients health history and condition, and when necessary, consults with other providers to prepare a comprehensive care plan.
Prepares documentation for medical records including updating medical charts by posting examination and test results, diagnosis, and medications.
Collaborates with internal and external multidisciplinary teams to provide innovative and evidence-based care.
Reviews patient chart notes, case summaries, and other relevant documentation and correspondence.
Provides evening and weekend consultation on-call when scheduled.
Participates in team huddles to review the schedule at the start of the clinic day.
Participates in process and quality improvement workflows.
Participates in peer reviews and chart reviews.
Attends required meetings and participates in committees as requested.
Performs other duties as assigned.
Contact:Krutika Sule
Address:7320 SW Hunziker Rd.
Suite 300,
Portland, OR 97223



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