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Title:Physician Assistant
Company:Columbia River Health
The Physician Assistant works as part of the clinic provider team performing a variety of direct patient services including assessment, diagnosis, implementation of treatment, evaluation, and monitoring the general patient management plan for clinic patients. The Physician Assistant performs these functions in accordance with Oregon Medical Board ORS 677.495. This position requires the completion of the Covid 19 vaccination series.


A. Patient Relations
1. Obtains complete medical history from patient, and/or family, and/or previous medical record, etc.
2. Prescribes medications according to therapeutic goals, explains treatment to patients, and families.
3. Teaches and counsels patients and families.

B. Staff Relations/Team Building
1. Consults with physicians and other members of the health care team as necessary.
2. Works cooperatively and supportively with all other staff.
3. Performs other necessary duties as required by CRH to meet the goal of providing primary health care services.

C. Clinical Duties
1. Assesses, diagnoses, implements treatment, evaluates and monitors patients' health status.
2. Performs complete physical examinations on patients.
3. Orders routine and diagnostic lab and x-ray studies according to standing orders.
4. Diagnoses acute and chronic illness based on clinical findings, laboratory and x-ray reports and/or the results of other diagnostic procedures according to approved protocols.
5. Formulates, initiates and monitors patient management plans for patients assigned to the Physician Assistant, using guidelines and/or consultation with a supervising physician.
6. Refers patients requiring hospitalization or assessment and management of conditions to supervising physicians or appropriate specialist. Follows patient’s progress with physician.
7. Agree to render professional medical services, and exercise sound, independent medical judgements in a manner that is consistent with accepted ethical and professional standards of care in accordance with national and state guidelines, to include the CDC, OMB, OHA, CRH and the Provider’s specialty.
8. Provider is expected to interact with all CRH providers, staff, patients and representatives, including family members and significant others, and generally represent CRH, in a manner that is consistently prompt, courteous, respectful and professional.

D. Administrative Duties
1. Performs other administrative duties as required by CRH to meet goals of providing primary health care services.

E. Performance Improvement Activities
1. Maintains all patient records to comply with required standards, reviews records regularly and obtains physician counter signatures where necessary.
2. Attends all medical staff meetings and participates in CRCHS Q/A program.

F. Reporting Relationships
The Physician Assistant will enter into a collaboration agreement and will be supervised and/or evaluated by the designated supervising physician and/or Medical Director in accordance with Oregon Medical Board ORS 677.495.

G. Evaluation
Work performance evaluation will be ongoing and will be carried out by the designated supervising physician. It will include the specific duties and responsibilities of this position description plus employee attitude and general working behavior. Formal evaluation will normally be performed annually but may be initiated at other times by the Physician Assistant or the designated supervising physician.

1. Graduation from an accredited school of Physician Assistants recognized by the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners or from a program otherwise designated for Physician Assistants which has been approved by the State Board of Oregon.
2. The ability to relate effectiveness to patients and providers.
3. Must be certified in Basic Life Support.
4. Sufficient experience to carry out the duties of this position, to include, completing and signing chart notes within 48-72 hours.
5. Bilingual English/Spanish with interpreting skills preferred

Education and Experience Required:
1. Graduate of an ARC-PA accredited program and ability to be licensed to practice in Oregon

1. This is an FLSA exempt position.
2. This is an OSHA high risk position.
3. This is an ADA negotiable position.
Contact:Stephanie Felipe
Address:450 Tatone street
Boardman, OR 97818
Phone:541-481-7212 ext 248



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