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Company:Valley Family Health Care

Purpose of this Position: The Controller is directly Responsible for the Accounting Department staff, ensuring all financial information collected in the general ledger is accurate and complete. Prepares monthly financial statements in accordance with GAAP. Assists the CFO in preparation of the annual Medicaid and Medicare cost reports, annual UDS report, and the organization’s annual budget.



1.    Bachelor’s degree in accounting. Master’s degree preferred.

2.    Two (2) or more years of accounting experience.

3.    Background in health care and non-profit accounting preferred.

4.    Experience with benefit programs.

5.    Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite

6.    Proficient with General Ledger accounting systems

  1. Ability to use clerical and numerical skills in preparing documents from raw data

8.    Excellent interpersonal skills, including confidentiality

9.    Exhibits a professional manner in dealing with others, and demonstrates the ability to maintain constructive relationships

10.  Ability to prepare and interpret financial and statistical reports

11.  Strong analytic and problem-solving skills.

12.  Ability to work in an organized and efficient manner, prioritizing tasks and responsibilities.



1. Responsible for Fiscal management

a.    Develops and maintains financial records with current information on cash and investment balances.

b.    Monitors cash flow to accurately predict the need for cash or a surplus

c.     Maintains Fixed Asset Ledger and oversees preparation of monthly depreciation

2. Responsible for Financial Reporting

a.    Ensures timely and accurate preparation of month-end entries

b.    Prepares work papers for annual fiscal audit

c.     Engages with year-end auditor to determine applicability of new accounting standards to the organization’s financial statements

d.    Ensures internal financial statements match year-end audited statements

e.    Evaluates financial reports for applicability of GAAP Standards

f.      Prepares monthly financial statements

h.   Ensures required federal, state and local tax reports are filed properly

3. Responsible for Supervising the Finance Department

a.    Oversees staff accountants, payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable

b.    Maintains monthly department schedules

c.     Ensures consistent coverage of departmental duties

d.    Provides a desirable work environment to promote high morale and job satisfaction

e.    Provides performance feedback to staff on a regular basis

f.      Maintains documentation and follows corrective process

g.    Completes performance evaluation process per established policies

4. Responsible for the Organizational General Ledger

a.    Reviews and approves accounts payable batches

b.    Maintains the chart of accounts with accurate definitions

c.     Assumes primary responsibility for all information contained in the general ledger

d.    Develops and implements procedures to evaluate and approve all financial information prior to posting in the general ledger

e.    Reviews, investigates and corrects errors and inconsistencies in financial data

f.      Ensures accounting systems software upgrades occur

g.    Maintains a balance sheet account reconciliation plan

5. Responsible for Accounts Receivable Controls and Compliance

a.    Evaluate and promote billing processes that ensure accurate and timely claims submission and prompt payment of third party payers

b.    Establish and manage internal controls

c.     Performs detailed review of patient accounts over 120 days on a monthly basis

d.    Oversees bad debt analysis and write off according to corporate policies on a monthly basis

6. Responsible for Grants Fiscal Operations Management

a.    Establish and implement processes to manage and monitor grants and contracts, and establish appropriate tracking and accounting procedures

b.    Keep relevant staff informed of upcoming deadlines and deliverables, ensuring timely completion of grant and contract reporting requirements 

c.     Establish financial controls and systems for new grants and contracts and provide review and oversight fiscal operations for grants

d.    Monitor compliance with federal, state and agency requirements and guidelines

e.    Manage construction project compliance with federal procurement guidelines, including contractual language, compliance with the Davis Bacon Act when applicable

f.      Ensure grant supported contracts include required provisions, including but not limited to Equal Employment Opportunity, Copeland Anti-Kickback Act and Davis-Bacon Act when applicable

g.    Maintain a current knowledge of federal and state grant reporting and compliance requirements; and direct compliance

h.    Work collaboratively with and serve as a resource to support grants and contracts management and reporting to ensure success in meeting grant tracking and reporting requirements

i.      Train new staff on grants management and reporting requirements

7.    Other Duties Assigned

a.   Manages electronic transfers to the bank, including obtaining required approvals

b.    Serves as backup to payroll processing

c.   Supports UDS and cost report preparation

8.    Attendance

a.   Ensures attendance and hours worked are accurately recorded in computerized     timekeeping system

b.   Properly manages paid vacation and sick leave

c.  Responsible for regular, predictable attendance and to work hours as scheduled, which        may include evenings or weekends





Participates in improving VFHC human resource processes and/or programs in cooperation with the Quality Manager.


Physical Requirements:

1.  Ability to lift up to 25 lbs.

2.  Prolonged sitting, bending, stooping, walking and standing.

3.  Correctable vision and hearing.

4.  Must be able to read, write and speak clearly.

5.  Manual dexterity.

Contact:Brittany Clement
Address:1441 NE 10th Ave.
Payette, ID 83661



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