Central City Concern

Chief Medical Officer

The mission of Central City Concern (CCC) is to provide comprehensive solutions to ending homelessness and achieving self-sufficiency. CCC is a 501(c)(3) private nonprofit organization serving single adults and families in the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area who are impacted by homelessness, poverty, and addictions.

Founded in 1979, CCC understands that the best results come from addressing all aspects of a person’s life and has developed a comprehensive continuum of housing, healthcare, recovery, and employment services to address the different issues that perpetuate homelessness and achieve lasting recovery for its clients.

The Role:

The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Central City Concern (CCC) will be a visionary clinical leader partnering in a dyadic partnership with the Vice President and Chief of Health Services on clinical and operational service delivery and Quintuple Aim in pursuit of Health Equity and advancing the CCC mission. The CMO is accountable for leading CCC’s agency-wide initiatives and setting organizational policy pursuant to public health, occupational and employee health, and the development of adaptive policy, protocol, and procedure that meets the public health related needs of the entire CCC continuum of housing, employment, and health services.

The opportunities to make an impact in this role, within the Portland community and as a National model for addressing homelessness are immense. Within the first two years, the CMO will focus on 4 primary objectives to make an immediate impact. The CMO will build clinical standards acumen and evolve clinical service delivery that align with emerging population health data. This is predominantly a strategic response to existing regional continuum of care gaps and has a strong nexus to both client, staff and community safety. The CMO will lead and engage the health services delivery teams through a mission-focused “cultural refresh” with a focus on client access for the homeless community and balancing clinical acuity service connectivity and other Quintuple Aim service goals. The CMO will define and lead clear goals tied to value-based outcomes, alignment of people, process and technology to deliver on outcomes with a focus on access, quality metrics and service-gap closure. Finally, the CMO will lead the optimization and improvement of CCC’s new Electronic Health Record, OCHIN Epic.

The CMO provides leadership and mentoring to the agency’s Senior Medical Directors and is a core member of CCC’s Executive Leadership team. The CMO contributes to developing the organization’s strategic plan. The CMO also establishes and promotes the professional, clinical, and ethical values and standards to which all medical and clinical staff are expected to adhere.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Clinical Activity and Leadership:

  • Provides direct patient care 8-12 hours per week (0.2-0.3 FTE) in a team setting.
  • Serves as the accountable medical leader for agency privileged and credentialled clinical staff, including availability for brief clinical consultation, provision of clinical teaching, and modeling of exemplary clinical practice.
  • Develops and/or reviews and approve clinical protocols, policies and guidelines developed by medical directors or other clinical leaders to ensure they are compliant with applicable regulations, within scope of licensed programs and services, within individual scope of medical practice, and in support of best-practice standards of care.
  • In dyadic partnership, with the Vice President and Chief of Health Services:
    • Cultivates a Health Services workforce culture that drives for clinical performance across all Health Services service lines.
    • Works collaboratively to support system performance goals, improve service-line efficiency, and to improve revenue models in dyadic partnership with the Health Services Executive in support of contractual agreements, the annual Health Services budget, and CCC Strategic plan

Serves as the clinical leader of all CCC Health Services and is engaged in the discernment, development and strategic planning required to successfully meet payer-based contractual priorities and organizational performance goals.

Mangement and Supervision of CCC’s Senior Medical Directors and Licensed Medical Providers:

  • Manages and supervises in all aspects CCC’s Senior Medical Directors:Senior Medical Director of Substance Use Disorder Services
  • Senior Medical Director of Primary Care Services (if filled); if the Senior Medical Director of Primary Care Services is not filled, the CMO is responsible for the direct supervisor of the site Associate Medical Directors at Old Town Clinic and Blackburn Center
  • Senior Medical Director of Mental Health Services
  • Responsible for the recruitment, evaluation and retention of all Senior Medical Directors/Associate Medical Directors and accountable to ensure the recruitment, training, and retention of all licensed medical providers is consistent and meeting the operational needs of CCC Health Services. Engages in regular supervision with CCC’s Senior Medical Directors and Associate Medical Directors in a manner that creates a culture of accountability, fosters continual improvement, and supports leadership staff wellness.
  • In collaboration with the Senior and Associate Medical Directors, provides medical direction and clinical supervision to all CCC licensed medical providers in accordance with state regulations and standards of practice.
  • In collaboration with the Senior and Associate Medical Directors, leads the development and teaching of standard work related to medical practice for Licensed Medical Providers (LMPs) based on best practice, continuous learning and improvement, and compliance with rules and standards of practice.

Governance Leadership Roles at CCC:

  • Serves on the Executive Leadership Team.
  • Serves on the Health Services Leadership Team.
    • In dyadic partnership with the Vice President and Chief of Health Services, the CMO leads the Health Services Leadership Team of Senior and other Directors responsible for clinical and non-clinical service lines.
  • Serves as the Chair of the Clinical Standards Committee.
  • Serves the Co-Chair of the Privileging and Credentialing Committee (P&C) and assures through an interdisciplinary process, the appropriate credentialing and privileging of all LMPs.
  • Serves as the Co-Chair of the Sentinel Event Review Committee.
  • Serves as the Co-Chair of the Quality and Safety Committee.
  • Serves as the clinical partner to the Chair of the Board Quality and Safety Committee and CCC’s Director of Quality.
  • Participates actively in the Health Services Advisory Committee-consumer Board.
  • Attends regular CCC Board Meetings and is responsible for the strategic direction of the Quality segment presentations.

Assurance of Health Equity, Quality and Safety of Clinical Care

  • The CMO is responsible for implementing system changes to promote and achieve measurable improvements in Health Equity as part of CCC’s strategic plan.
  • Responsible for the development and representation and promotion of all medical practice guidelines, policies and protocols for CCC Health Services at CCC through the Clinical Standards Committee.
  • Responsible for agency-wide public health response and the development of agency-wide protocol and procedure in collaborative partnership with all appropriate divisions of CCC to support client and staff safety and ensure operational continuity and preservation of the CCC service-level to the community
  • Identifies, selects and oversees implementation of clinical evidence-based practices and “best practices” across all Health Services divisions and programs.
  • Supports the development of new clinical programming pursuant to clinical excellence in the provision of Health Services within CCC.
  • In collaboration with CCC’s Nursing Leadership and other primary care leadership, responsible for clinical safety monitoring, ongoing clinical risk assessment and process improvement to advance patient and staff safety in the course of clinical operations.
  • In collaboration with Health Services leadership, responsible for monitoring, and improving/maintaining financial performance metrics within CCC’s Health Services programs.
  • In collaboration with other health services leadership, responsible for monitoring and promoting improvement or maintenance of local/federal clinical performance metrics and certifications (i.e. HRSA, NCQA, PCPCH, CCO) within CCC’s Health Services programs.
  • Adhere to all state and federal privacy regulations, including HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2, and to CCC policies and agreements regarding confidentiality, privacy, and security. Support compliance with all privacy and security requirements pursuant to community partners’ and outside providers’ patient confidentiality agreements, including privacy and security requirements for EMR access. This includes immediately reporting any breach of protected health information or personal identification information of any person receiving CCC services by CCC or an outside provider to the CCC Compliance Department, as well as to your supervisor or their designee.

External Leadership Representation

  • Represents Central City Concern in public presentations, media appearances, and policy advocacy capacity in areas of CMO interest and expertise.
  • Provides linkage to professional and academic communities pertaining to medical practice.
  • Provides linkage to accrediting and monitoring bodies and agencies pertaining to medical practice.

Minimum Qualifications

  • License to practice medicine as a medical doctor or osteopathic physician, in Oregon.
    Minimum ten years of experience in providing medical care as a medical provider for individuals in a Psychiatry, Primary Care and/or Public Health specialty.
  • Clinical experience providing services and/or leadership within an FQHC and/or an HCH homeless clinic setting is preferred.
  • Minimum four years of experience providing care or consultation in integrated primary care/behavioral health setting.
  • Minimum seven years of experience in an established leadership capacity within a healthcare setting.
  • Minimum two years of experience in an established dyad (clinical/operations) leadership capacity.
  • Experience providing Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) in a team-based care setting with Buprenorphine/Naloxone or Buprenorphine is preferred.
  • Current BLS certification or must obtain before date of start if not current.
  • Must have full prescriptive powers in Oregon with a DEA number at the time of start and a DATA X-Waiver within 45 days of start.
  • Must meet CCC privileging requirements as required by FTCA.
  • Physical ability to bend, stoop, kneel, squat, twist, reach, pull, and lift heavy objects.
  • Able to climb stairs several times a day.
  • Must pass a pre-employment drug screen, TB test, and background check.
  • Must adhere to agency’s non-discrimination policies.
  • Ability to effectively interact with co-workers and clients with diverse ethnic backgrounds, religious views, cultural backgrounds, lifestyles, and sexual orientations, and treat each individual with respect and dignity.

Central City Concern is a second-chance employer and complies with applicable laws regarding consideration of criminal background for employment purposes. Government regulations, contractual requirements, or the duties of this particular job may require CCC to conduct a background check and take appropriate action to address prior criminal convictions.


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