AHEAD Collaborative

Advancing Health Equity and Data (AHEAD) Collaborative

The unique role of Oregon’s health centers in addressing the social determinants of health can only be accomplished through access to data. AHEAD is a two track collaborative focuses on supporting health centers in collecting and utilizing social determinants of health data to demonstrate value, will highlight best practices in health centers both locally and nationally, and will consist of face-to-face, webinar, and peer-learning opportunities.

Collaborative Objectives:

  • Align with your CHC peers to develop a common vision and standardized pool of social determinant of health (SDH) data as a statewide network.
  • Advance in your knowledge of analytic capacity and use population health equity data for advocacy purposes at the local, state and federal levels.
  • Develop and refine workflows, data collection processes, and EMR use of the Protocol for Responding to and Assessing Patient Assets, Risks and Experiences (PRAPARE) tool
  • Prepare for future funding opportunities and state incentive metrics that call for a focus on SDH

To learn more about the collaborative, take a look at the AHEAD program description document.

AHEAD TA 2019 Calendar

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Presentation slides, materials, and webinar recordings
January February April June

AHEAD Kick-Off Presentation

Workflows, Team Communication, and Using the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Using PRAPARE Data for Risk Adjustment at the Patient/Panel Level

Documenting Enabling Services & Responding to Needs

Data Advancement Kick Off Webinar

July August October December

Data Advancement Site Visit & Peer Meeting


Developing a Network Equity Metric: Oregon Health Center's model for assessing screening across the network

Advancing your Health Center’s In-House Analytics and Data Culture

Calculating Return on Investment (ROI) for SDH Screening and Intervention

Data Visualization Examples of Dashboards in PowerBI and Tableau

 Year 1 Wrap Up:Using PRAPARE Data for Patient Care & Next Steps for AHEAD










AHEAD Program Team

  • Carly Hood-Ronick, Health Equity Lead, 
  • Krista Collins, Data Lead,  
  • Stephanie Castano, Program Manager,