Staff Engagement Learning Collaborative

OPCA's Staff Engagement Learning Collaborative

Highly engaged staff members are key to the recruitment and retention of mission driven providers and staff. For this reason, OPCA has planned and organized a multi-month learning collaborative around the development and improvement of staff engagement for Community Health Centers in Oregon. Through this learning collaborative, we hope to educate participants on various methods for measuring and improving staff engagement at their health center. This learning experience will be a collaborative, in that, participants will be learning from each other as much as the training materials. As such, all participants will be asked to agree to a set of expectations.

Expectations: Each participating Health Center is expected to participate in the webinars, phone calls, and associated activities. Each Health Center should identify one or more staff that will be attending on a regular basis. Selected participants may vary widely depending on the structure and capacity of the Health Center, and it is up to the Health Center to determine which staff make the most sense for participation. Typically we’d suggest someone from Human Resources, someone with Quality Improvement responsibilities, and/or others that might be engaged in trying to improve the employee experience at the Health Center.

Since this is a true learning collaborative, participating Health Centers will be asked to contribute to the learning collaborative in both time (roughly one call or webinar every month for six months) and in thought. We want our participants to learn about what others have tried, failed, and succeeded with. As such, we also expect that each participating Health Center attempt to incorporate some of the ideas and concepts we discuss through the course of the collaborative. All participants will be asked to create and share a goal statement describing how staff engagement will support your clinic's patient-centered culture.

Expected Outcomes: Each participating Health Center is expected to improve both their fundamental understanding of staff engagement as well as their overall use of the staff engagement principals covered throughout the collaborative. Best practice is to also engage in the measurement and improvement of staff engagement over time; however, we recognize that not all Health Centers will be ready to begin staff engagemement programs right away. We also recognize that each Health Center will be coming to the table with varying degrees of familiarity with staff engagement measurement and processes as well as capacity to survey and measure staff engagement. This is the beauty of a true learning collaborative – we all can learn from each other’s successes and failures.

Planned dates and topics

Thursday, February 4th from 2-3pm: What is Staff Engagement? Why measure it? How do you know when you are ready?

Thursday, March 3rd from 2-3pm: Take an in-depth look at various staff engagement tools. What do they measure and what can they tell you?

Thursday, April 7th from 2-3pm: How to use the data in meaningful ways in your organization.

April-July Implementation Phase: No scheduled webinars or calls during this time. OPCA staff will be available for questions and feedback as you implement.

August, September and October: Monthly calls will be scheduled to allow clinics to share what they have implemented and learn from each other's successes and failures.

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