Patient-Centered Communications Collaborative

Patient-Centered Primary Care Institute

Oregon's Patient-Centered Primary Care Institute (PCPCI) is a public-private partnership between the Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation and the Northwest Health Foundation. OPCA provides administrative and curriculum support for the institute.

The institute brings together technical experts, health care providers and staff, patient advisors, policymakers, academic centers and others to gather and share valuable practice transformation knowledge and resources. PCPCI helps practices in all stages of patient-centered primary care home transformation meet the requirements for the Oregon Health Authority's Patient-Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH) recognition.  It also helps practices move beyond the checklist and realize the Triple Aim outcomes of a healthy population, extraordinary patient care and reasonable costs.

Selected practices receive in-person training, technical assistance and practice coaching through one of four Learning Collaboratives designed to support adoption of PCPCH program standards. Participating practices will improve patient care through the focus area of their Collaborative while achieving PCPCH recognition for the first time or advancing their recognized tier level or point total.

Three community health centers are participating in the PCPCI: La Clinica, Lincoln Community Health Center and The Rinehart Clinic.  Also participating are the All Paths and Warm Springs clinics.

For more information on the PCPCI, email Claire Tranchese.


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Upcoming Webinars & Meetings

  • April 13 webinar: Introduction to Self-Management Support skills
  • May 15 meeting:  Self-Management Support Skills and Implementation
  • May 29 webinar: Final Report Out

Details available on the PCPCI calendar.