Resources from Your OEW Colleagues

We invite you to share resources that you use or have created and find successful for your work. Browse our libary of tools and tips!  


To submit a document for inclusion in our library, click on the name of any of the documents listed below. When the new web page opens, click on the "Submit File" icon and follow the instructions.  If your submission is approved for inclusion by an OPCA staff member, it will be listed on our site.

Name Date File size Hits    
Mosaic Re determination Flyer 2015-09-18 41.63 KB 565
VFHC Appointment Card 2015-09-18 147.32 KB 576
Valley Family Flyer 2015 2015-09-18 874.58 KB 554
Lincoln Co's OHP Changes template 2015-09-18 13.65 KB 523
WMC's Roadmap to Health Flyer 2015-09-18 315.93 KB 588
WMC's Welcome to OHP Flyer 2015-09-18 287.85 KB 661
Valley Family Client Enrollment Sheet 2015-09-18 48.95 KB 529
Enroll America Commit Cards 2015-09-18 1.1 MB 530
ROC Turf Assignments 2015-09-18 344.75 KB 676
Benton County OE Tracking Template 2014-06-12 15.31 KB 509
HealthPoint Data Tool - Help Sheet Version:1 2014-06-05 95.02 KB 770
HealthPoint Data Tool Version:1 2014-06-05 64.11 KB 731

Your OEW Peers

All 32 of Oregon's community health centers employ outreach & enrollment workers.  Click on the image below to view the main office locations of health centers across the state:



If you would like the contact information of the O&E Lead from community health centers, please send a request to Stephanie Castano.