Peer Groups

OPCA's Peer Groups

As a member of an OPCA peer group, you'll meet virtually and face-to-face to:

• discuss hot topics on an ongoing basis.
• bounce ideas off your peers.
• have difficult conversations in a "safe" space.
• connect with both new and long-term members of the peer community.
• expand your content / leadership skills and knowledge.


Peer Group Members OPCA Contact
Clinician Leadership

Physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who lead or co-lead clinical functions at Oregon's CHCs.  The group is open by invitation only.  Please contact Irma Murauskas if you'd like more information.

Irma Murauskas, (503) 228-8852, x226

Note: This group uses a listserv available here

Dental Directors Dental directors at Oregon's CHCs. Irma Murauskas, (503) 228-8852, x226
Executive Directors Executive directors of Oregon's CHCs. This group is open by invitation only. Joan Watson-Patko, (503) 228-8852, x227
Financial Officers Group Financial management staff members at Oregon's CHCs. Rob Schlegel, (503) 228-8852, x240
Human Resources Human resources workers and leads at Oregon's CHCs. Stephanie Castano, (503) 228-8852, x224

Chief Operations Officers

Chief operations officers of Oregon's CHCs. This group is open by invitation only.
Read the Operations Peer Group News-May 2020
Sonya Howk, (503) 228-8852, x250