Advanced Care Learning Community

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The Advanced Care Learning Community covers key topics relating to health center care transformation, with a focus on the evolution of the primary care team.  The Advanced Care Learning Community meets twice a year and also includes web-based learning opportunities.

Each year, we choose a theme to examine together.  The theme for this grant year (July 2020-June 2021) is Advancing Social Needs Care and Community Partnership. Although our themes change, we always look at the future of the care team, health center care model transformation, and our annual focus using the key concepts framework above.  We hope to see you at our events! 

2020-2021: Social Needs Care & Community Partnerships

February 2021 Conference - From Intent to Impact: CHWs and Community Engagement to Empower Health 


Day 1 - CHW Value and Deployment

Day 2 - Empowering Communities and Community Organizing

December 2020 Webinars: See QI Collective Previous Webinars page for slides and materials
  • Using Social Service Resource Referral & Locator (SSRL) to Connect Patients to Community Resources
  • Evolution of the Care Team in the Time of COVID

August 2020: SDH and Depression Screening Workshop: Re-imagining Care Teams & Workflows



2019-2020: Trauma-Informed Care Implementation

January 2020: From Trauma-Informed to Healing Organizations Conference

November 2019: Implementing a Critical Incident Management Team

September 2019: Screening for Trauma in Primary Care Setting

July 2019 Workshop: Traveling the Trauma-Informed Care Roadmap at Oregon Health Centers

2018 - 2019 Learning Sessions

January 2019 | Team-based approaches to responding to Substance Use Disorders in Primary Care

August 2018 |  Social Determinants of Health & Health System Transformation 

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Mini Learning Sessions:
Closing Plenary:

January 2018 | Health Equity in Action: Aligning Payment and Care Transformation

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