Project Participants

Project Participants

Since clinics all over the state have workgroups in this collaborative, OPCA has organized clinics into two seperate groups, Group A and Group B. We organized these groups by taking into account such factors as the size and location of each organization, populations served, etc. Within each group, clinics share data with one another and work together to improve their performance on the six quality measures they report as part of this project.

On a quarterly basis, the Executive Directors of these clinics meet remotely with OPCA to discuss this project and future measurement projects for Oregon's CHCs. Data and quality improvement staff members at these clinics meet with OPCA monthly to share and discuss data, workflows, current quality improvement projects and anything else relevant to the Data Transparency Project.

If you would like to join the Data Transparency Project and would like the contact information for other workgroups, please send a request to .


Click on the image below to view the locations of clinics and project workgroups:

DTP clinics 2018