About the Project

About the Project

Within Oregon and across the nation, payment for care is migrating more and more toward value. As funding opportunities for clinics become increasingly based on performance indicators and quality metrics, a thorough understanding of best practices around measurement will become imperative, and each clinic will be required to demonstrate its value.



The Data Transparency Project is a collaboration between OPCA and Oregon’s community health centers.  Our goal: Improve the performance of Oregon’s health centers on six key measures. These measures, identified as a top priority by clinic leaders, will be shared transparently by each clinic with OPCA and with other health centers in the clinic's group as they work to improve outcomes.

Data Transparency Project at a Glance

  •   Leaders at Oregon's CHCs chose six measures as a focus for this project.
  •   Clinics share and review data with OPCA and others project participants quarterly.
  •   Data / QI workgroup: Meets monthly to share data and best practices for project measures.
  •   Clinics involved in this project receive data and QI trainings and other technical assistance from OPCA.
For more information about the measures reported by clinics for this project, click on the image below for a one-page summary:
Data Transparency Measures and Definitions

By sharing data transparently with other clinics, health centers will make faster progress on improving outcomes, learn from one another and avoid operating in silos as they work towards improving the same outcomes. The Data Transparency Project will also help Oregon's community health centers develop cultures within their practices that celebrate and recognize data as a integral part of team-based care.

Below are several files that provide more information about this initiative. We encourage clinics to share these documents with all staff members participating in the initiative. For copies of previous agendas, minutes and presentations, please email Akira Templeton at .


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