ADA & Healthcare 4-part Series: OHA & Northwest ADA Center

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ADA & Healthcare 4-part Series

Northwest ADA Center and Oregon Health Authority are doing a free 4-part webinar series on the ADA and Healthcare.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a civil rights law that provides for equal opportunity and access. This webinar series will help health care providers understand their rights and responsibilities under the ADA. Our series begins with an introduction to disability identity and culture, explains key legal requirements, and concludes with an interactive discussion about bias in the health care setting.

Sessions will cover three basic legal requirements:

  • Facility and telehealth access;
  • Effective communication with patients with disabilities;
  • Modification of programs, policies, and procedures.

April Event Date TBD

Registration can be found here:

NW ADA Printable Flyer.pdf

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