Trainings for Health Center Boards


OPCA staff members can provide training and facilitation for health center governing boards.

If the time and expertise of the OPCA staff member matches the needs of your board, we will develop a tailored training for you.


Training and facilitation options focus on these topics and more:

  • Preparation for strategic planning
  • On-site facilitation of strategic planning sessions
  • Oregon Non-profit Board 101
  • Community Health Center Board 101 - includes:
    • The 19 program requirements of CHCs
    • A focus on the three governance requirements
  • Board effectiveness - includes:
    • Successful meeting facilitation
    • Committee structures and best practices
    • Development of annual board calendars
  • Board succession planning - includes:
    • Recruitment and onboarding of new members
    • Strategies for growing your board member pipeline
  • Hiring, firing and evaluation of executive directors


Interested?  Contact Claire Tranchese at OPCA via email or by calling 503-228-8852, x243.

Other Resources

Check the National Association of CHCs website for materials on CHC board responsibilities
(and how to perform them).