OPCA Requests for Proposal

OPCA periodically posts Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to engage with consultants on specific projects. Please review the RFPs posted below for specific details regarding submision requirements, contact information for questions and project details.

CCO Assessment for OPCA

Oregon Primary Care Association (OPCA) invites proposals for consulting services on the following activities:

  • Development of a baseline assessment of the status of Community Health Center (CHC) partnership with their local Coordinated Care Organization(s) (CCOs), At a minimum, assessment will include the following:
    - current and desired funding and support for Social Determinants of Health (SDH) and other transformation initiatives;
    - current and desired value based payment (VBP) agreements across a comprehensive scope of services (such as oral, behavioral, physical, vision services);
    - perception of current engagement and relationship with CCO leadership and desired areas for improvement.
  • Implementation of assessment via phone interviews with a minimum of 26 of 32 OPCA health center leaders (80%).
  • Drafted and finalized report including qualitative data on key themes and findings, geographic areas of strength and needed improvement, and suggestions for next steps.

RFP Due Date: April 1, 2019, 5pm. Please review the full RFP for submission details.

Equity Audit and Training for OPCA

Oregon Primary Care Association (OPCA) invites proposals for one or both of the following activities:

  • Equity Audit – to be conducted by an external evaluator, to help bring to light components of OPCA’s operational structure that create inequities or barriers for employees. This may include pay ranges, benefit structure, organizational structure, policies, SOPs, and other necessary items as determined by the consultant and OPCA.
  • Staff/Executive training: at least two trainings throughout the course of the year. At least two must be for all staff, if funding allows, may be used for executive team trainings, or other purposes as needed. Trainings should be focused on implicit biases and racism in organizational cultures, and then tools, resources and tactics to become an anti-racist organization. We are open to suggestions for other topics, and have already conducted a number of equity focused all-staff trainings on a variety of topics including implicit bias, the racist history of Oregon, intersectional identity, gender identity and more.

RFP Due Date: March 22, 2019, 5pm. Please review the full RFP for submission details.