Tanya | Outside In

Dr. Tanya Page is a family physician at OHSU and staff provider at the Outside In community health center.  Every week she sees patients in Outside In's mobile medical van.  In the videos below, Dr. Page describes the challenges, rewards and approaches to care that affect her work as a community health provider.


Staffing a community health center where patients often experience medical crises is an ongoing issue.


It can be hard to find culturally sensitive specialists to whom Dr. Page can refer patients.


Continuity of care is a central principle in the Patient-Centered Primary Care Home Model.


Dr. Page highlights the importance of gaining patient trust.


Mutual understanding is integral to an open and honest relationship between patient and provider.


Outside In uses care teams in implementing the patient-centered primary care home model.


Outside In's mobile van brings primary care services to the patients.


The clinic integrates drug and alcohol treatment, counseling and mental health services into a broad approach to primary care.


Community health centers are the preferred alternative to hospital emergency rooms.


Writing a prescription is not the same as providing care.


Outside In refers community members who fall outside their target patient population to local health partners.


A housing case manager and crisis counselor are available to patients of Outside In's mobile van.