Ted | Central City Concern

Ted Amann is the Director of Health Care and Improvement at Central City Concern's Old Town clinic, a community health center serving individuals in the Portland metro area who are negatively impacted by homelessness, poverty and addictions.


The health care team is a foundational element of Central City Concern's patient-centered primary care home model.


Patients can get healthier faster when mental health services are integrated with primary care.


Consistent relationships over time result in better care and a better experience for both patient and provider.


Reforming health care delivery is hard when community health centers are stuck in an old funding model.


It may appear more expensive to provide services under the patient-centered primary care home model. But the model ultimately saves money by keeping people out of the hospital and emergency room.


More on how preventive care at clinics like Central City Concern reduces spending in emergency rooms.


OPCA partner CareOregon provides alternative payment methods to support the primary care home model.


If the primary care home model can work across Oregon's safety-net clinics, it can work anywhere.