Health Center Stories

The above film is called Winding Waters: Becoming a Community Health Center, and it is about that clinic's transition from a traditional fee-for-service model to becoming a federally qualified community health center in Enterprise, OR.


Across the nation, safety net health centers and other clinics provide care to those most in need. In this new world of healthcare reform, the extra costs involved in serving these hardest-to-treat patients must be reimbursed. Step into the world of these patients and providers through one healthcare center...Central City Concern's Old Town Clinic in Portland, OR.



Oregon's community health centers provide high-quality, comprehensive health care to 358,000 people across the state.

Our 32 health centers offer care at 200 delivery sites statewide. Services range from medical and dental care to prescription medications to behavioral health care. Many centers also provide such support services as transportation and translation.

The stories you're about to see bring to life how community health centers benefit patients, families and communities, and what they mean to board members, providers and staff.




TwoBears works on her physical and spiritual health through the services of Central City Concern.

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Matthew discovered Outside In's Mobile Medical Van after almost freezing in the 2008 snowstorm.

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artstill2copy tanyastill2copy
Art, a member of CCC's Health Service Advisory Board, struggled to overcome substance abuse. Dr. Tanya Page provides primary care services at Outside In's Mobile Medical Van. CHC staff members help Patrick control his diabetes.
sharonstill2copy deanstill2copy twobearsstill2copy
Sharon, an uninsured patient, recieves services from Outside In's Mobile Medical Van. Dean is dealing with substance abuse and bi-polar disorder. Two Bears is a strong voice for patient-centered health care within her native community.
tedstill2copy richardstill2copy dianestill2copy
Ted Amann directs medical services at the Old Town clinic and has a passion for mental health. Richard is a homeless patient who faces complex medical conditions. Diane has overcome health conditions that stemmed from a severe cocaine addiction.
matthewstill2copy wesleystill2copy
The mental health safety net turns despair to hope. As a homeless man, Matthew appreciates Outside In's Mobile Medical Van. Wesley, who lives with a heart murmur, is an advocate of Outside In's medical services.