Looking for a job in health care?

Want to give vulnerable people the preventive care they can't get anywhere else?

A community health center position may be your perfect fit.

Dear Candidate,

Want work that youíll love? Discover Oregonís community health centers! Our quick video tour will get you on your way.

As a community health center professional, you'll serve a diverse set of patients in a team-oriented environment. Oregon's 32 community health centers have more than 200 sites in urban, suburban, rural and frontier locations. Visit www.traveloregon.com for a virtual tour of our magnificent state.

Check out the list of openings at Oregon's health centers. You'll find that working at one of our clinics may include:

OPCA also partners with the Oregon Office of Rural Health (ORH) to provide recruitment support to Oregon's underserved communities. Candidates can work with ORH to navigate loan incentive programs and find opportunities that suit their needs personally and professionally. For more information, email ORH Workforce Specialist Julie Hoffer.

Explore your options now, and find your place as a member of a community health center team!

Best wishes,
OPCA Workforce Development Staff


Job Listings

4/28/2017 Alcohol & Drug Counselor
4/28/2017 Data & Records Specialist
4/28/2017 Outreach and Enrollment
4/28/2017 Outreach and Enrollment
4/20/2017 Registered Dental Hygienist
4/20/2017 Registered Nurse Float
4/18/2017 Data Analyst
4/14/2017 Speciality Care Coordinator
4/13/2017 Alcohol & Drug Counselor Case Manager II
4/12/2017 Dental Receptionist-Bilingual Required
4/11/2017 On-Call Cook
4/11/2017 ADFC Case Manager I
4/11/2017 IT Support Services Technician
4/11/2017 Chief Executive Officer
4/6/2017 Senior System Administrator
4/6/2017 Registered Nurse
4/3/2017 On-Call Pharmacist
3/31/2017 CFO
3/30/2017 Pediatrician
3/30/2017 Floating Receptionist
3/29/2017 Registered Nurse Care Coordinator
3/27/2017 Nurse
3/24/2017 Medicaid Outreach and Enrollment
3/24/2017 Physician
3/24/2017 Internal Medicine Physician
3/17/2017 Medical Billing Manager
3/17/2017 Family Practic Physician w/ or w/out OB
3/17/2017 Clinic Medical Director
3/17/2017 Nurse Practitioner
3/17/2017 Internal Medicine Physician
3/17/2017 Family Practice Physician
3/9/2017 Registered Nurse/Clinic Coordinator


Community Health Centers

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