HRSA Requirements

Good News:  In the past two fiscal years, the U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) has given health centers supplemental funding for outreach and enrollment work.  Thirty of Oregon's 32 health centers applied for and received this funding. 

Even Better News: HRSA expects to continue outreach & enrollment funding in FY 2015 and beyond.


Click the images below for details on this funding and other HRSA-related topics:

Overview of HRSA's Health Center Outreach & Enrollment Assistance Program.

Frequently Asked Questions about the about ongoing outreach & enrollment (OE) assistance (updated January 30, 2015). You can find answers to your questions about OE expectations, funding, training minimums, and OE requirements that HRSA set. Further OE HRSA questions can be directed via email to .

For information on the funding program and its requirements, select the image to the left. You can also find a nationwide list of health center outreach & enrollment grantees.  Oregon's grantees are listed on pages 41 and 42.


Quarterly Progress Reporting (QPR)

Every quarter, OE HRSA grantees must submit a report of their efforts. Specifically HRSA asks that grantees submit challenges/barriers and best practices/lessons learned.  Grantees must also track the number of people assisted, applications submitted and estimated number of enrollments into comprehensive and long-term coverage. 


Resources and Tools

Health Center OE 2015 QPR Training Presentation– Everything you need to know about QPRs. Updated Dec. 2014.

Health Center OE QPR Frequently Asked Questions - Have questions about the QPR from the presentation above? Take a look at HRSA QPR FAQ. Updated Oct. 2014.

Quick Reference Guide for the Electronic Handbook (EHB) - New to the EHB and need to submit an O&E QPR? Please use this guide for step by step instructions.

Oregon Specific Guidelines for Tracking – Due to Oregon’s unique enrollment situation, use this guide as a supplement to HRSA's guidelines above. Updated October, 2014.


O&E Data Tracking Templates from FQHCs

If you would like to share your own data tracking sheet, visit our Resources from Your OEW Colleagues page.